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What is responsive textile?

A responsive textile is a material that interacts with your pets body, recycling its natural energy emissions to improve function and performance.

What is Celliant?

Celliant® is a revolutionary, patented technology which utilizes a blend of minerals and proprietary ingredients embedded into a fiber’s core. The embedded minerals convert you pets natural energy (heat) in infrared (IR) light and reflect the IR back into the body’s tissue and muscles. You can find more information in the video below.

How does Celliant work?

Celliant technology uses a proprietary blend of thermo-reactive minerals to convert natural energy (heat) leaving your pets body into infrared light (IR) and sends it back to your pets body where it is absorbed by the tissue and muscles. IR waves are beneficial as they penetrate deep into the tissue. This energy causes the body to increase circulation and oxygen wherever it is applied. Another benefit is thermoregulation.

What is Celliant made from?

Celliant is a unique blend of 13 thermo-reactive minerals including titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide and aluminum oxide. Additional proprietary ingredients are blended with polyester fiber to create a variety of staple fibers, spun and filament yarns, and fabric blends.

Will your pet feel Celliant working?

While your pet will not necessarily be able to perceive or feel an increase in circulation, oxygenation or blood flow, clinical testing has measured an increase in skin oxygen levels (TTCPO2) and consistently recorded significant improvements across a wide spectrum of test subjects. Those tests show that Celliant users often experience increased comfort and an over all improved sense of health.

Will my pets temperature increase if they´re reusing my its energy?

No, by reemitting energy back into the body, the process acts as a thermal regulator to help balance body temperature. When circulation is increased, the body is able to either warm up or cool down, depending on the external environment, more easily through convection.

Are there clinical studies to prove Celliant works?

Yes, Celliant technology has been tested and proven in five US based clinical studies. Additional information on each study can be viewed within the digital press kit or in the clinical study section of our website or by clicking here.

Where can I found products enhanced with Celliant?

Celliant technology is found in all different types of products, ranging from pet beds, to running shirts, blankets and mattresses. Items that contain Celliant are available at retail and online stores through out the world.

Are there any negative side effects to Celliant?

Celliant is a non-invasive technology. Allergic reactions to any materials can occur; however, since Celliant products became available in 2003, there have been no reported cases of allergic reactions. However, as Celliant requires a synthetic carrier, you should not use Celliant if your pet is allergic to polyester fibers.

Do Celliant products require special care or laundring?

No, Celliant’s patented technology is embedded into the core of the fibers so that it can not wash or wear out; the technology is not based on a coating or an application. Therefore, the benefits of Celliant technology last the life of the fiber and products do not require special care.