Which Dogs Can Be Left Alone?

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There is a dog for everyone. No matter who you are, there is a dog that fits your lifestyle.

If you are the busy type, with little or no time on your hands, there is a dog for you. Or you are one of the stay-home type or a senior citizen, there is a dog to tend to your needs.

Do you have kids and you want a dog for your them ? Yes, there are dogs that will live and fit seamless with your kids.

If you are the busy type and need a dog that can adapt well to being alone for a while, this post is for you.

The truth is, no dog should be left alone for a long time. But some dogs can tolerate being alone for some time without having behavioral problems while some dogs will have adverse reaction to spending time alone without their owner or any other dog in sight.


Here is a list of dogs that can do well alone:

Scottish Terrier

A loving and playful dog, this dog is incredibly loyal to their owner and family alike.

A vigilant and alert pooch, who won’t hesitate to bark when it sights an intruder, a good watch dog. It independent nature makes it suitable for being alone, but shouldn’t be left alone for more than 8-10 hours.


English Foxhound

Originally bred for fox hunting due to their great sense of smell, but over the years they have been bred as a companion dog.

Not suitable for apartment owners because of their high activity level, better suitable for houses with yard and fence to make them play around.

They are friendly dogs and get along well with people and other dogs (mainly because they are pack animals). They adapt well to being alone but don’t go well with small pets like mice or hamster because of their high prey drive.

If you want to keep them alone for a while, consider getting another dog for them to play with or get toys.


Chinese Shar-Pei

Shar-Pei is a great apartment dog, and if given a choice would prefer to spend the whole day indoor.

They make excellent watchdogs, but are not great with kids or other dogs. So they prefer to be alone when not with their owners.

They are low energy dogs and don’t like a long walk or run. Get them a toy to keep them busy when you are away and watch out for their weight, they have a tendency to gain weight easily.



Chow Chow

This breed is very protective of their owner and property. So in addition to being good alone, they can also to protect their owner’s property.

Low energy level and exercise need make them suitable for apartment owners and should get all the activity it need by just roaming the apartment.

This breed doesn’t like to be manhandled or abused, so they are not great with kids because they won’t hesitate to fight back when rough handled.

Their independent nature makes them good for home owners who aren’t at home all day.



This breed is one of the strongest dogs. It can be a guardian when needed, a protector in time of danger and an everyday companion.

Overly confident and independent, it is also a good apartment dog with little activity level until it is spooked by an intruder or stranger.

It can do well alone by itself all day and also guard your apartment or house. Not prone to behavioral issues when left alone for a long time, but must be properly exercised when you get back to keep it mentally stimulated.



Basenji is of African origin. This dog adapts well to living in apartment and outside it.

Whether you have a house with a lot of yard on the countryside or a condo, this dog fits in everywhere.

An incredibly friendly pooch, great with kids, strangers, family, and other dogs. Basenji almost never barks, and it loves being alone most of the time.

It is a very loyal dog, but prefers to sit by itself than cuddle up on your lap. They don’t do well with small pets; mice, hamsters etc. because of their high prey drive.

When living on countryside or a house with yard, secure the perimeter well. They have a tendency to wander around when left alone without supervision.



A hybrid dog from the breeding of Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever. Goldador is a very friendly dog with warm disposition towards kids, strangers, and other dogs.

Not good for apartment dwellers because of it high energy and activity need. Best for house with yard, so the dog can play around and keep fit.

Can do well alone, especially when there is another dog to play with or toys. Goldador is also a highly intelligent dog.


Norfolk Terrier

As small as this breed it, it is fearlessly courageous, not afraid to throw it small frame around. A good apartment dog, the small frame makes it fit effortlessly into small apartment and tight places.

Norfolk Terrier is an extremely playful dog with tons of energy to burn playing, the playing around would suffice for it activity need.

It size makes it a good lap dog, but it is content with playing on your lap as well as being alone. It is great with other dogs as well as with people too.

Getting a toy for this breed would be perfect to keep it occupied till you come back home.



Otterhound is a very independent dog and well adapted to being alone. This dog is a terrible apartment pooch. It needs space to roam and exercise.

It has a very high prey drive so keep small pets away. Get along well with other dogs, kids, and strangers. A high energy dog, adequate exercise is advised to keep the dog from destructive behavior when left alone.


Lhasa Apso

The small size makes this breed a good apartment dog. It is very well suited to being alone, it would sometimes give you a welcome bark and then go back to sleep.

Also very playful but not friendly with other dogs and strangers.

Don’t forget, no dog should be left alone for 24 hours or more. If you will be out of town for a few days, consider leaving your dog with a dog sitter or at a dog daycare.  


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