Should you buy dog health insurance?

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Today we have insurance for everything: our homes, health, cars, and even life. But what about our pets?

The statistics by the North American Pet Health Insurance Association, most pet owners decide not to buy an insurance policy for their four legged companions in order to avoid additional expenses, and only about 1% of pets in the United States are insured. 

However, in reality pet insurance is as important and necessary as any other insurance that we get, and here are a few reasons why getting a dog health insurance will be a wise choice for you:

·       Reduce veterinary costs

Depending on the illness of your canine, an average regular vet bill can be from $500 to $3,000.

Furthermore, these costs continue to increase due the inflation caused by development of new medical technologies and medications. As a result, many pet owners cannot afford such expenses.

Therefore, there are more and more pets nowadays that die without getting any qualified medical care.

Pet health insurance is a great solution to avoid such high medical pills and help your beloved pet to live a long and healthy life.

·        Find your missing friend easily and without additional costs

Dogs get lost very easily. Also, if you have an expensive breed, it might be also stolen.

Fortunately, there are insurance policies that can cover costs of advertising of your missing friend.

If your canine was stolen, they can also take responsibility of placing a reward for your pet.

·        Cover third-part liabilities

If you have a hyperactive big dog that likes running around, you should be ready for the damage caused by your dog  - like a destroyed fence of your neighbor for example. 

Or if your dog is too friendly and loves jumping on other people,  there is a high chance that she might injure other people accidently. 

Unfortunately, if something like this happens, you are financially responsible for all the expenses caused by your dog’s behavior and actions.

Therefore, in order to protect yourself, it is worth getting a relevant insurance policy.

·        Get an access to advanced medicine

There is advanced veterinary medicine that provides the best medical care and treatment to pets with serious health concerns.

For example, cancer treatments (radiation and chemotherapy), stem cell therapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy are treatments that are very costly procedures that might not be affordable for average dog owners without dog health insurance.

If your canine is young and healthy, you might think that you do not need this, but in reality you never know what might happen, and it is better to be prepared.

·        Protect your dog depending on a certain breed

There are some breeds that are more prone to certain health conditions than others.

For example, such dogs as Retrievers and Mastiffs are prone to hip dysplasia, while such small breeds as Chihuahua, Pomeranians or Cavalier King Charles Spaniel often suffer from luxating patella.

Pancreatitis is very common among Dachshunds and Miniature Pinschers, while eye health conditions is a very common problem among pugs and Pomeranians. 

The statistics says that a regular visit to the vet with one of above mentioned health issue might cost you between $280 and $1,200, which is a lot of money for an average American.

However, if you have a dog health insurance, you might have to pay not more than 20% of this amount.

In the view of the above, dog health insurance is a definitely wise choice for all responsible dog owners, who take care of their pets and want to save their money.

How much does a dog insurance cost?

The costs of a dog insurance policy depend on what is included in it. Also, the monthly cost of your dog insurance varies due to such factors as your dog breed, her age, gender and pre-existing health issues at enrollment. 

However, in average a dog owner pays between $25 and $70 per month.

Disadvantages of a dog health insurance

Having a pet insurance is definitely worth it, but there are also some disadvantages that you might need take into account.

·        You still have to pay up front

Even though your insurance company will cover about 80% of your vet medical bill, in most cases you will have to pay upfront in the hospital, especially if it is an emergency and your pet needs a costly procedure.

Therefore, it is recommended to have some savings for emergency situations.

·        There are limitations on the amount covered

Depending on your insurance plan, there might be limitations on the amount that you can claim  - either annually or over your dog’s life.

So if your dog suffers from serious health problems that require constant vet visit and expensive medical help and procedures, you might max out your plan’s limit very quickly and end up paying the difference.

·        Premium coverage might be very expensive

If you have an older dog or a pet with multiple health conditions, you might have to choose a premium insurance plan.

The problem is that premiums are quite costly and usually are twice more expensive than standard insurance plans – at least $50 per month.

·        Insurance does not cover everything

As it has been mentioned above, in average insurance covers about 80% of medical costs, while pet owners have to pay the remaining 20% out of pocket. 

Usually insurance does not cover regular checkup visits to the vet, as well as procedures associated with genetic/hereditary conditions.

Therefore, it is recommended to check the specifics of each policy carefully in advance before signing up.


Getting dog health insurance is definitely a good decision for dog owners, since it helps to provide canines with the best high-quality medical care without financial concerns. 

It also gives an owners peace of mind and protects wallet. However, it is also important to take into considerations some cons of pet health insurance and read specific and limitation of each insurance plan carefully before getting it.


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