How to travel with your dog?

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Dogs are often described as men’s best friends, and therefore they can definitely become great travel companions.

However, travelling with your pet, especially for the first time might be very stressful both for you and your furry friend. 

All dogs are different with their unique personalities and habits, so their behavior during travel might vary.

Whether it is your first trip with your canine or you both are experienced travellers, here are some useful tips and recommendations that will help to make your next trip memorable and unforgettable, and become a perfect time to bond.

Preparation is the priority

Preparation for a trip together with your furry companion is very important, and there are certain things that need to be taken into account.

The first and the most important thing is to prepare all the documents that you might need.

This includes your dog’s vaccinations records, the certificate of veterinary inspection (that is usually required by airlines), and some other documents. 

The preparatory stage also includes purchasing some stuff that will make a trip for your dog enjoyable and safe.

You will definitely need a reliable dog car seat, safe harnesses for it, a comfortable dog bed, and things to entertain your four-legged buddy and keep her busy, such as chew toys for example.

Preparation phase also includes training your dog in order to make sure that your canine is well-mannered, demonstrate good behavior and is tolerate towards strangers and other dogs. 

As an owner you need to make sure that your dog knows certain commands and always follows them. 

It is especially important if you are going to stay with the canine in hotels or motels, where certain rules and regulations exist. 

If you experience difficulties in training dog, it might be necessary to hire a professional who will help you.

Keep your dog safe while travelling

You can travel with your dog by different means of transport, but the majority of dog owners travel by either a car or a plane. 

Depending on the way to travel, there are certain advice that we recommend you to follow in order to make a trip safe and happy for both of you.

Travel by plane  

Unless you canine is really small and tiny, it is recommended to avoid air travels with your dog.

If you feel fine and confident to travel by air with your furry buddy, there some things that you should remember.

First of all, it is necessary to visit your veterinarian and get a certificate dated within 10 days of your departure date.

Ask a doctor about possible harmless ways to calm your dog down in case if she gets anxious or scared on a plane. 

If you are flying to another country, make sure to contact the foreign office of the country of your destination for additional information about travelling with pets.

Also, it might be good to purchase a special USDA-approved shipping crate. 

The crate should be big and comfortable enough, so the dog can easily turn around and stand if necessary.

Do not forget to prepare a comfortable bedding for your puppy – a special blanket or a soft towel.

You should be able to close the door of the crate easily, but never leave it locked, otherwise the airline staff will not be able to open it in case of emergency. 

Make sure that airplane and airport personnel know that you are travelling with a pet, so they will ready to help you if necessary.

Travel by car 

If you think that travelling by car with a dog involves only putting your canine in a dog car seat and monitoring her from time to time, you are wrong.

In reality, such road trip also requires some preparation that will help to make your journey safe and smooth.

If it is going to be long ride, make sure that you will take your dogs for a couple short drives first, so she will get used to both a car and a dog seat.

Do not forget to prepare and pack a special travel kit for your buddy that normally includes: dog food, bowl, first-aid kit with medications, grooming tools, plastic bags, delicious treat, favorite toys, documents and plenty of water.

Try not to feed your dog while driving in order to keep her on a schedule.  The best way to do it is to feed a dog several hours before departure and then feed again when you make a stop.

One more, a very important safety tip: never leave your dog in a car alone. 

If the weather is hot, the car will turn into  sauna and might cause a heatstroke, and if the weather is cold, it will become a refrigerator, so your pet can freeze to death.

Make your hotel stay with a dog comfortable

Bringing a dog along to the hotel requires from you, as a dog owner, some additional preparations. 

The first and the most important thing is to call to the hotel in advance and ask about their pet policies.

Be ready that there might be some additional pet fees that you have to pay.  Also, when you are already in a hotel, make sure that you get the right room. 

The best room for a guest with a dog is either the room on the first floor closer to the exit, or the room near the elevator or staircase.

If your canine is noisy and likes to bark, ask to give you a room at the end of the corridor, so you will not bother other guests too much. 

One useful tip to prevent a dog from barking: give her as much as exercise as possible before bedtime.

Also, you should remember that no matter how calm and well-behaved your dog is: most likely it will not be happy if left alone in an unfamiliar room.

Therefore, try not to leave your friend alone in a hotel room.  

We hope that our tips and recommendations will help you to make your trip with your dog  the best vacation in your life – full of positive memories and emotions.


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